We are currently actively looking for volunteers to work at Rough Edges. If you are interested please see the contact page and get in touch expressing your interest. Please provide a contact phone number and add any information you think we might like to know.


We  need volunteers to do 2-6 hour shifts during opening hours each week. Duties can include:

  • receive, prepare and price stock
  • staff the shop front and counter
  • clean,repair and refurbish items
  • test electrical items (relevant qualifications apply)
  • mentor those who need support and encouragement
  • away from the shop, we also need people to distribute leaflets, collect items and sell items on ebay for us

The more volunteers we have, the more hours we can function and open.

Please call in to see Mike or contact us if you are interested.

Volunteer Partners – We believe in giving people a chance, especially when they need encouragement the most. If your organisation is engaged with the rehabilitation of people after illness or in recovery of addiction and providing your clients with some voluntary hours in our shop, will help them in their recovery, we would love to hear from you to discuss how we can work together.