Snapshots from Rough Edges

It continues to be developing and growing environment at Rough Edges. Stock is being generously donated at the same rate we are able to sell it, volunteer numbers are steadily increasing. We are taking our first volunteers from one of the hostels we have a close association with at Zac’s Place, so it’s great to see different aspects of our efforts crossing over. Along with volunteer support from older retired folk, it is creating a great environment – thanks for your support and interest.
 We continue to be open on Weds, Fri 10-4 and Saturday 9-12.30
 Here’s a few snap shots from the shop today….

Some great old bits of kit are coming through the shop…

Volunteers are involved in cleaning up donated items and making them ready for sale.

You name it we may well have it!

Providing some additional hands on deck to help clear the unit next door

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