Our Charity

SUPPORTING  ZAC’S PLACE – An initiative of Exousia Trust, Registered Charity 1002581

“Swansea has a great many services for homeless and vulnerable people. Unfortunately, not everyone is able to access statutory and voluntary services. Some are excluded because of their past or current behaviour, social or financial reasons but some exclude themselves, choosing not to accept such help or support. It is on these occasions that the care offered by Zac’s Place comes into its own. Every weekday morning at 8 am the doors to Zac’s Place open to provide an essential outreach service to those who are sleeping rough with tea, housing advice and respite from the weather. At least twice a year Zac’s Place accommodates the so called “Homeless Health Days” run in conjunction with Swansea School of Medicine when homeless people can have a health check, flu vaccinations and foot care. Every Thursday evening is the coffee bar providing an opportunity to sit in the warm, have a hot drink and enjoy the fellowship of others. For some people Zac’s Place is the only safe haven in their lives. Here they find help, the love and support of others and, importantly, acceptance of who they are and the life that they are leading. It may not seem much, but for many, it is a lifeline.”

Janet Keauffling, Nurse for the Homeless and Vulnerable Adults – based at Cyrenians Community Centre, High Street, Swansea.

For more information see: www.zacsplace.org